NoviLens® AI Appliance Overview

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An AI Appliance Platform

NoviLens® is our foundational Artificial Intelligence Appliance Platform. NoviLens allows users to interactively explore both textual and numerical data from multiple sources in a decision management framework. It’s easy to build and run machine learning models, and natural language processing techniques are core to the system.

Customers can get up and running in minutes, and there is no need for programming or data science expertise to use the system.

As with all NoviSystems products, you remain in control of the solution. The AI exists to make the most of what computers do best – repetitive tasks and abstraction. This leaves you free to concentrate on finding answers to your questions.

NoviLens® – U.S. Patent Pending

Built for Business Leaders 

NoviLens® is focused on the decision maker. It’s built for business leaders so they can concentrate on finding answers to their most pressing questions – differentiating it from the competition.

  • It’s available to small and mid-market businesses
  • It’s an affordable AI Solution without the need for a data scientist
  • It can augment internal data with external market data
  • It gets you started and focuses on the decision rather than the platform
  • It can be up and running in minutes
  • It does not require programming or data science expertise to use it

Appliance Options

NoviLens® can be delivered in following ways depending on your environment:

NoviLens® Power9 AI Appliance

NoviLens® can be deployed on dedicated IBM Power System hardware as an appliance package with subscription pricing.

NoviLens® for IBM i

NoviLens® can be deployed as part of an IBM i-Series installation.

NoviLens® for IBM AIX

NoviLens® can be deployed as part of an IBM AIX installation.


Everything You Need is Included in the Subscription

NoviLens is a generalized AI framework solution that leverages state of the art AI techniques. Most AI solutions on the market today require customization or development to solve specific business problems. NoviLens is ready to go out of the box. There is no need for programming or data science expertise to use NoviLens.

While your subscription remains active, you will have access to all NoviLens updates, hardware support, training to get the most out of the system, and consulting time to address any issues that are specific to your problem.

Interactive Exploration of Complex Data

Connect to multiple datasets simultaneously to discover insights from your data. Data can be textual (notes, customer reviews, failure descriptions, web articles, and publications) and numerical.

It’s Easy To Add More Data

NoviLens makes easy work of adding additional datasets into your analysis which in turn improves your operational understanding. NoviLens helps you avoid the compounding costs of more tedium, time, errors, and confusion when adding more data to your analysis.

NoviLens makes incorporating additional datasets useful and easy.

Get Up And Running In Minutes

You can be up and running with NoviLens in four steps:

  1. Turn on NoviLens and connect to it with a web browser
  2. Upload a dataset
  3. Upload term dictionaries
  4. Configure your visualization dashboard to explore your data

That’s all that’s needed to get started. Once you get comfortable with the initial setup, you can add more data, analysis, and visualization to help you answer more of your business questions.

Note that there is no need to integrate NoviLens with your enterprise systems to get started. Enterprise integration can be handled over time using available features of NoviLens once you are up and running.

High Performance By IBM Power Systems

The NoviLens Appliance comprises NoviSystems’ software packaged with an IBM Power Systems server. The IBM Power Systems architecture provides ample I/O and compute performance necessary to provide real-time results from our software. This performance allows you to interactively explore your data in real time. If your data processing needs grow beyond the base hardware, the system can easily be scaled up.



All NoviLens features support our mission to enable anyone to leverage the power of AI without the need of data scientists. With NoviLens, you can:

  • Import data from multiple data sources and create relationships between imported data tables.

  • Create custom dashboards to explore your data and discover insights.

  • Process any textual data with natural language processing routines.

  • Automatically build the best machine learning model for your data.

Data Import and Data Fusion

The data import features allow you to fuse datasets from multiple systems into one collection of data to analyze.

  • CSV File Import

  • Database Connectors

  • Define Data Relationships

  • Scheduled Data Refresh

Analytical Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to interactively and explore and filter data to answer your business questions.

  • Interconnected Filtering Visualization Widgets

  • Drag and Drop Dashboard Configuration

  • Dashboard Sharing

  • Bookmarks

  • CSV Download of Filtered Data

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing features allow you to explore your textual data.

  • Dictionary Editor

  • Automated Dictionary Augmentation

  • Map Dictionaries to Imported Data

  • Matching Pairs

  • Part of Speech Analysis

  • Lemmatization of text

Machine Learning

Automatically generate optimal machine learning models appropriate for your imported data. NoviLens can generate the following types of models:

  • Regression

  • Classification

  • Deep Learning

Subscriptions Include

The NoviLens Application – capable of analyzing and visualization of data from databases, csv files, and text files.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning features.

Customized Hardware – NoviLens can be installed on your IBMi infrastructure or it can be shipped on a dedicated IBM Power9 system.

Training – We provide training to learn how to think through your business issues from an AI perspective and to learn all the features and functions of NoviLens.

Consulting – Our experts will help you apply NoviLens to your business needs.

Free upgrades are included during the life of the subscription and are performed by NoviSystems.

Simple and affordable pricing – the total yearly price is less than the annual cost of a data specialist. Annual or monthly payment options available.

Available Add-ons

Custom Modules can be built to meet specific business needs.

Additional training if you’d like to operationalize NoviLens deeper into your company.

Additional Consulting for help with creating business solutions with NoviLens.