Fusion Analytics

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Fusion Analytics is an easy to use platform that enables you to make better decisions using your data.

Create a well defined question to explore.

If you are dealing with a complex problem, you may have to break your problem down into components. Determine the highest value component and start there. Formulate a question in a clean and concise manner to focus your exploration.

Collect and unify data from relevant sources.

Collect data from databases, web and file system crawls, APIs, and CSV files.  As you add data, you can create relationships so that all the data you collect acts as one dataset.

Think of the data that you collect as sets of attributes around a data entity at the center of your question. As you add more attributes or features to your data, your analysis will become more valuable.

Discover answers to your question.

Create and interact with dashboards you create to explore patterns and interactions in your data with an easy to use drag and drop interface.  As you select data to explore in one visual widget, other widgets only visualize relevant data since your data now acts as one dataset.

Filter through your data with your question in mind. This will lead you to new insights and answers to your question.

This process may also cause you to re-think your question. If so, repeat the process to refine your exploration.

Build models from your data to drive future decisions.

As you become comfortable with new insights you’ve discovered, build machine learning models to classify or predict outcomes from future data. The system will guide you through the steps – there is no need for data science skills.

Drive your BioPharma manufacturing operations to real time release of product by unifying data from deviation, systems and analyzing numerical and textual data together to create a view of your entire organization.

Enhance Clinical Trial Operations by unifying data from multiple sources. Extract facts from EMRs (text descriptions and CCDA), extract facts from patient reported data from surveys and free-form text input, manage data anonymization, and roll-up findings into study reports.

Enhance hospital sustainability with Fusion Analytics. Fusion Analytics is a flexible and powerful platform to improve clinical, operational, and financial activities in a hospital organization.

Download our whitepaper for several examples on how to employ Fusion Analytics to Improve Hospital Sustainability.