Fusion Analytics for Healthcare

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Enhance Hospital Sustainability with Fusion Analytics

Fusion Analytics is a flexible and powerful platform to improve clinical, operational, and financial activities in a hospital organization.

Fusion Analytics can have a quick, powerful, and positive impact on your hospital organization with easy to use data unification, filtering, and modeling capabilities.

Fusion Analytics takes the pain out of collecting data from hospital systems and makes all your data work together to lead you to insights that improve top and mid-line performance.

Download our whitepaper for several examples on how to employ Fusion Analytics to Improve Hospital Sustainability.

Note that all  use cases listed in the whitepaper and any others that you create are available with an active subscription to Fusion Analytics – all for less than the annual cost of one data scientist.

Case Studies

EMR Analytics


Use Fusion Analytics to analyze data collected data from your EMR system through our FHIR data interface. Fuse this data into one dataset to create dashboards to accomplish the following:

  • Disambiguate between patients multiple EMR systems in a hospital network.
  • Analyze your patient population to evaluate your care offerings.
  • Select data to send to our ICD Code Finder workflow.

Watch the video for more details.

Hospital Marketplace Analytics


Use Fusion Analytics to investigate how your hospital compares with other hospitals with regards to pricing, reimbursement rates, and quality using publicly available data from CMS and IRS.

With this dashboard configuration, you can:

  • Compare reimbursement rates for known procedures for hospitals in your area.
  • Compare charge rates by procedure for hospitals in your area.
  • Compare readmission rates for procedures common two multiple hospitals in your area.

Watch the video to learn more.

Improve Hospital Revenue Cycle


Use Fusion Analytics to assist ICD Code submission activities:

  1. Improve Reimbursement submission accuracy
  2. Reduce missed codes
  3. Accelerate the reimbursement process

Watch the video to see how Fusion Analytics can read an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), suggest ICD codes based on the EMR text and ICD descriptions, and enable the ICD Coder to quickly create an accurate set of ICD codes to submit to the payer.

Note that past code submissions can be used to train a machine learning model in Fusion Analytics to classify a new submission as a potential denial. Identifying and addressing these submissions will improve the success rate of payer submissions.

Improve Clinical Efficiency


Use Fusion Analytics to process medical records to improve clinical efficiency and patient care. Watch the video for several examples of how Fusion Analytics can improve a hospital’s patient interactions.

This video shows how to:

  • Use EMR data to contact patients who are vulnerable to COVID-19
  • Create a patient dashboard for a physician to visualize all data for a patient before an appointment
  • View all patient data to correlate various diseases with various combinations of lab values

These are just examples of the power of Fusion Analytics for clinical efficiency. With a subscription to Fusion Analytics, you can implement these use cases and create your own.

Improve Patient Satisfaction


Use Fusion Analytics to improve patient satisfaction and care by delivering information relevant to the patient’s condition. Watch the video to see how Novi Systems built a Rare Disease Patient Portal to deliver information to answer questions that a Rare Disease patient and their caregivers may have.

Often patients and their families are under cognitive stress while processing the implications of their diagnosis. This portal uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to give the Rare Disease Community a source of information that pulls together data from many sources and presents the findings in an easy to consume format.

Click below to see the NoviSystems powered Rare Disease Patient Portal in action.