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Keeping track of compliance issues can be a time consuming task.  NoviSystems has developed several applications that can make that task much easier.  The FDA ViewFinder is a web-based application built on NoviLens that combines FDA databases on compliance status and citations in an easy to use dashboard to quickly allow review of trends as well as search for areas of interest.  Also included are reference documents – all FDA Guidance Documents and CFR 211 accompanied by an easy to use search function.

The second application, AE_Drug Dashboard is a consolidated view of the FDA MedWatch data combined with a machine learning search engine for PubMed that tracks publications on adverse events.

  • Both systems make use of AI and natural language processing to improve the specificity and context of the data presented to the user.
  • All data is updated weekly
  • Full text Form 483 documents are added as data becomes available

These applications can be fully integrated with an on-site NoviLens appliance to fuse with your internal enterprise data from systems such as Trackwise to isolate issues, trends, or search literature and reports for key information needed for failure investigations or corrective actions.

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