Fusion Analytics for Patient Reported Outcomes

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Enhance Clinical Trial Operations

Unify data from multiple sources to streamline clinical trial operations. Extract facts from EMRs (text descriptions and CCDA), extract facts from patient reported data from surveys and free-form text input, manage data anonymization, and roll-up findings into study reports.


  • Create custom patient dashboards to draw insights from their data (EMR, survey, and free-form text.
  • Extract critical information from EMR CCDAs.
  • Manage all findings in a study report.
  • Leverage state of the art Natural Language Processing to optimize data management, analysis, and workflow.


  • Greatly reduce physician practice workload during participation in clinical trials.
  • Remain compliant in every step of the clinical trial process.
  • Leverage all relevant data (EMR, surveys, free-form text input) as one dataset.
  • Easily analyze the unified data whether focusing on an individual patient or group of patients.
  • Can use pre-built dashboards for analysis or easily create your own.


  • Fusion Analytics is sold as a subscription.
  • The subscription includes the software, deployment services, consulting, and support you need to easily begin using Fusion Analytics in your environment.
  • Fusion Analytics does not require any infrastructure or integration activities other than permissions for configuration.
  • There are no limits on the number of users, data connections, or analytics.