About Us

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Our History

NoviSystems launched in 2018 as a spinoff of NC State University. Our goal is to empower companies with the benefits of AI and data analytics. This requires that we provide the following for our customers:

  • An easy to use system that doesn’t require data science expertise.
  • Automated workflows that protect customers from the misapplication of AI techniques to their data so that users can be confident in the results.
  • Provide an affordable solution that costs less per year than a data scientist.
  • Provide necessary consulting and training so that customers can solve their business problems on their own.
  • Constantly innovate our platform to include new features and capabilities.
  • Provide quick return on investment – customers must see useful results quickly.

Our solution is called Fusion Analytics. With Fusion Analytics, our customers can leverage their data confidently and economically to improve the efficiency of their organizations.

 Why NoviSystems?

 There is no single set of tooling that can meet an organization’s business needs when it comes to collecting and fusing data, analytics, and AI integration for the purpose of making data driven decisions. Our approach is to let the question drive the technology. When this occurs, it allows us to use the most efficient compute methods to extract relevant information in a timely manner. Machine cycles aren’t wasted and meaningless correlations aren’t proposed as being relevant because “the machine said so”. Rather, the human helps us determine context and specificity which informs the machine’s capability to search and sort. This feedback loop coupled with classification and other parsing algorithms results in meaningful and continuously learning (cognitive) applications.

Have you tried artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing at great expense to tell you something that you already know? Rather than building machine-only solutions, Novi Systems builds intelligence augmentation systems that allow you to apply your expertise to your complex datasets. This solution provides the following benefits:

  • You remain in control of the process.
  • The results are useful.
  • The outcomes are focused on the problem at hand.
  • Avoid creating a useless solutions.

The world of data analytics is focused on the allure of Artificial Intelligence; the use of algorithms to sift through data and establish relationships or model data based on Defined Boundaries. Unfortunately, many decisions are more ambiguous than determining the number of cars in a parking lot or whether the object is a cat or dog. Fundamentally, compute systems do not deal well with ambiguity. Machines can adjust mathematical models (think factorials) to describe relationships but the boundaries must be defined. What the machine can’t do is establish causal relationships or answer the “why”. The why is often ambiguous, requiring non-obvious relationships or require supplemental data. This is domain that NoviSystems addresses with its Intelligence Augmentation Systems. We develop the query systems that facilitate data fusion, collection and relationship building that allow the analyst to determine the “why” that drives the problem under investigation.

We employ the latest techniques in unstructured text analytics, machine learning, and visualization to create systems that allow you to apply your expertise to generate useful insights. Machines handle the tedium of data processing, calculation and visualization. Only you can bring the expertise needed to transform the complex data into insights for your business

Our Team

Mike Kowolenko


Mike oversees the overall strategic direction of NoviSystems in addition to being the lead for development of analytical applications.

Prior to starting NoviSystems, Dr. Kowolenko was the Director of the Institute of Next Generation Computing, an Industry Fellow in the Center of Innovation Management Studies, and Research Professor in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University.

Before joining NCSU, Dr. Kowolenko was a senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry where his last position was as Senior Vice-President of Technical Operations and Product Supply in Wyeth’s Biotechnology and Vaccine Division.

He has consulted with and instructed multiple companies and government agencies in the use of analytics in business decision making.

John Bass


John handles the day to day of running Novi Systems.

Prior to NoviSystems, John was the technical director of NC State University’s Institute for Next Generation IT Systems for twenty-five years. Along the way, John helped launch six companies – most are spinoffs from NC State University.

John earned BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from NC State University.

Rick Williams

Acting Chief Commercialization Officer

Rick Williams is a long-time business entrepreneur who has held executive positions in biotechnology startups, healthcare logistics, and a research institute. After starting his career at Merck, he left in 1986 to join Genentech, the first commercial biotechnology company. While head of marketing/health economics, Mr. Williams played a key role in the commercialization of drugs for rare diseases such as cystic fibrosis. After leaving Genentech, he became Executive VP at Amerisource Bergen, one of the top U.S. healthcare companies. As President of its commercial services/reimbursement business—developed organically and via acquisition—he and his team successfully supported the launch of second-generation biotech companies.

Mr. Williams focused next on helping to build a venture-backed cell products company in 2002. As Chief Business Officer, he managed the integration of two acquisitions and established a NC headquarters. Interested in public service, Mr. Williams spent three years as Chief Business Officer at The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences in RTP where he developed an Accelerator for startups and supported creation of the UNC Institute for Drug Safety Sciences. 

Mr. Williams returned to industry in 2010 and became CEO of a personalized medicine CRO in RTP, for which he set up a pharmacogenomics satellite lab in China. Most recently, he served as Chief Commercial Officer at Emulate—an organs-on-chips company in Boston—and Board Chair for a natural products company. As an advisor for the UNC System’s InfoHub Grant, Mr. Williams has worked closely with Taylor’s Tale, the NC Patient Coalition, and UNC School of Social Work to apply innovations in artificial intelligence and data analytics in addressing the needs of NC patients and families dealing with rare diseases.

Charles Edward Hamner, Jr., DVM, PhD

Chief BioSciences Advisor

Charles serves as chairman, chief executive officer and president of Hamner Advisory Service, Inc. He specializes in management in the pharmaceutical and health care industries and academic administration. From 1988 to 2002, Charles served as president and chief executive officer of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and was a research professor in the OB/GYN department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also worked as associate vice president for health affairs at the University of Virginia Medical Center, and served as interim executive director for the Center in 1981. He serves as chairman of The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences and is a member of the advisory board at Luna Innovations Incorporated.

He received his bachelor’s in animal husbandry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, his master’s degree in chemistry, and doctorate degrees in veterinary medicine and biochemistry from the University of Georgia.

Andrew Brown


Andrew is a software architect at NoviSystems.

Before NoviSystems, he was a software engineer and research associate at NC State University’s Institute for Next Generation IT Systems.

He graduated in 2009 from NC State University with a BS in Computer Science, and in 2013 from Duke with a Master’s in Computer Science.

He specializes in web and systems development, and infrastructure automation.

Meaghan Johnson


Meaghan builds the Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing features of Fusion Analytics.

She started working part-time at NC State University’s Institute for Next Generation IT Systems as a student in 2013 where she developed an interest in augmented intelligence.

After graduating from NC State University with a BS in Computer Science in 2015, Meaghan moved to a full-time developer position at ITng before joining NoviSystems in 2018.

Michael Brown


Michael is a software architect at NoviSystems focusing on the interactive data visualizations in Fusion Analytics.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill where he researched computer hardware security using formal modeling. During his time there he developed a memory forensics tool for extracting databases from memory snapshots.

Before going to graduate school, Michael developed computer vision software to detect counterfeit pharmaceuticals and fraudulent documents at a small startup.

Jesse Simpson

Customer Support, Infrastructure, and DevOps

Jesse is a customer support engineer at NoviSystems. He develops software to manage our Fusion Analytics deployments, development activities, and infrastructure.

He has a deep fascination with the operational aspects of programming as well as operating systems programming. He graduated from NC State in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

During his studies, he worked with NC State University’s Institute for Next Generation IT Systems by developing web applications and web crawlers that use Natural Language Processing.