Data Driven Decision Making for Hospitals Part 1 – An Introduction

The ability to combine business intelligence processes with computational thinking has the potential to unlock transformative innovation in your hospital.  The ability to make informed decisions from gathering, reducing, annotating, and displaying massive amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data (such as Doctor’s notes in your EMR data and ICD code descriptions) along with structured data (such as financial, operational, and CMS data) creates new opportunities to improve both operational efficiency and top line growth.

For example, this technology can be applied to the patient care settings to improve patient satisfaction, increase hospital efficiency and identify market opportunities.  NoviLens combined with user expertise results in deep insight and subsequent improved decision making. The ability to stratify patients into groups beyond simple classifications such as the diagnosis into more detailed attribute categories provides the necessary data for understanding where gains in performance or identifying potential issues that affect quality of care. 

Business intelligence is a major determinant of a hospital’s sustainability. This includes knowledge of what trends present both threats and opportunities to a hospital, how and where to apply operational efficiency, and how a hospital is performing with respect to other nearby hospitals or other hospitals providing similar services.

NoviSystems has developed a decision making process combined with “out-of-the-box” technology that can be adopted for use in any hospital. The Philosophy behind this process is to leverage the power of computing systems that efficiently and tirelessly handle repetitive tasks and to leverage the power of humans to think on a higher level and incorporate their experience, knowledge, and training. The challenge is the design of the human-machine interface that allows the user to leverage this technology without the need of technical support in the form of data scientists and software developers.  Decision makers need rapid results and can’t be constrained by a lack of resources. Finding the optimal mix between people and machines inherently reduces inefficiencies when viewing both as part of the same system.

NoviSystems designed NoviLens to be an Intelligence Augmentation system that allows the human to be in control of the entire process and to optimally utilize the underlying machinery to create an efficient, effective, and powerful decision making platform without being dependent on the above mentioned resources.

We will cover details of this data driven decision making process with examples of applications to improve hospital sustainability in subsequent posts.

NoviLens is an appliance for data driven decision making. NoviLens handles the tedium of the computing components of the process and frees up the decision maker to focus on their problem solving tasks.

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