AI Appliances for Data-Driven Decision Making

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Use data and AI to make better business decisions.

Data Fusion

Use numerical and textual data that was previously unusable. Make multiple data sets act as one without requiring data science or database skills.

Easy to Use Analytics

Use state of the art visualization, filtering, machine learning and natural language processing without the need for data science skills.

Subscription Pricing

Simple annual subscription pricing. No complex software license and consulting fees.

Discover Insights to Spark New Ideas

Quickly filter your data with interactive visualization widgets to quickly reveal answers to your questions. These insights lead to new ideas of ways to leverage your data.

Easy to Use

Create solutions in a matter of minutes. We help you stay focused on the solution, not the technology. You remain in control of the system so that you understand the results.

Numbers and Free-form text? No problem

Process your textual data that you don’t have the resources to read. Build predictive models with your existing numerical data. Our systems include the latest Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.

Add More Data for Better Decision Making

Easily add additional datasets to expand your analysis and de-risk your decisions. Use our data fusion features to relate data gathered from different systems and treat them as one dataset.

Packaged as a Subscription

No capital expenditures are required. There are no restrictions on the number of users, and you always have the latest updates. We take care of you with training, consulting, and support.

Use AI to solve your problems in minutes, not months.

Learn how our AI Appliances can help your organization.

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