Fusion Analytics for Data Driven Decisions

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Make Better Decisions with Fusion Analytics

Data Unification

  • Collect and unify data from various systems into interactive dashboards.
  • Easily add and transform data to enhance your analysis.
  • Data can come from databases, file system and web crawls, APIs, and CSV files.

Easy to Use Analytics

  • Create custom analytics solutions to answer your business questions.
  • No need for data science or programming skills.
  • The system will guide you through all machine learning and natural language processing tasks.

Subscription Pricing

  • Simple annual subscription pricing – no complex per-seat licensing.
  • There are no limits on the number of users, dashboards, or data connections.
  • Everything you need is included – hardware (if needed), software, training, support and consulting.

Drive your BioPharma manufacturing operations to real time release of product by unifying data from deviation, systems and analyzing numerical and textual data together to create a view of your entire organization.

Enhance Clinical Trial Operations by unifying data from multiple sources. Extract facts from EMRs (text descriptions and CCDA), extract facts from patient reported data from surveys and free-form text input, manage data anonymization, and roll-up findings into study reports.

Enhance hospital sustainability with Fusion Analytics. Fusion Analytics is a flexible and powerful platform to improve clinical, operational, and financial activities in a hospital organization.

Download our whitepaper for several examples on how to employ Fusion Analytics to Improve Hospital Sustainability.